Saturday, April 30, 2011

Well, all right...

So, after that attack of sugar yesterday afternoon, we went to our friend's house for their barbecue in the evening.

I ate: A cheeseburger, some marshmallowy pink jello thing, home made home fries (that were soooooo good), carrots, broccoli and to top it all off, a brownie with frosting and crushed up oreos.

Then when we got home, just to top it all off I had a glass of milk because a) I love milk and have been missing it since starting this diet and b) Even though I have been taking my vitamins, I worry I don't get enough calcium.

Since I hadn't lost any weight yesterday morning I knew for sure I would have a gain this morning.


I was down a pound this morning!

Now, I know excess calories sometimes take a day to pile themselves onto my thighs but if I can stick to my diet today and at least not gain tomorrow, I will be satisfied.

Also, if this doesn't result in a gain, I may consider adding one day per week of controlled sugar intake (read: fruit and milk) to my diet, as maybe that gets my system back to trying to burn sugar but then bring it back to fat burning again.

We will see.

Either way, thanks for the uplifting comments. It's nice to know people are reading and caring.

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