Wednesday, October 24, 2012


So I changed the look of the blog a little. As any of you who actually still read this might realize.

I need some change. After my second term at school ended, I don't know what happened to me. I lost fifteen pounds the first two terms, and then as soon as the second one ended I just couldn't stop eating. And being full made me not feel like exercising. So I gained twenty pounds since last spring. And I hate it.

I know I promised more biochemistry posts, but I can't handle that right now. I still want to post them for you, but right now all I can think of is restricting. Restricting. Restricting. My third term of school just finished up and I am feeling so fat and disgusting. I don't even want to leave my house (which is filthy) but I don't even want to get off the couch. I need to. I need to clean and maybe rearrange some things.
I start my fourth term in less than a week and I need to regain some confidence.

Will probably spend some time reading your blogs. Miss you all.