Thursday, March 31, 2011

Movie review

Looking for some good thinspo? Like to get it in the form of movies?

I have an instant Netflix account thinger and that lets me watch some good movies. If you don't have one, get one. My husband and I used to be all Jewish about it because you can sign up for a one month free trial and then cancel it before they charge you. The secret is that you can do this as many times as you like as long as you use a different email address to sign up. You can use the same credit card number but it doesn't charge it if you cancel it on time so I guess it doesn't really matter. But my husband got sick of doing it that way so we now pay for it. We don't have a TV so we don't have a cable bill so he figured it would be worth it.

The only down side is that not all of the DVDs they have available are "instant watch" capable so you have to pay extra if you want access to all of the movies and then you have to wait for them to be shipped.

But I digress....

I have found two more good thinspo films (actually they are both documentaries) if you are interested.
The first is called Picture Me

It is a documentary of model Sara Ziff (if you don't know her name, you will know her face from commercials and ads). Her boyfriend filmed it about her and her modeling. The film focuses mostly on money, work, eating habits and youth. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and the women in it are STUNNING!

The second documentary is called Ballerina

It is about five ballerinas from the Mariinsky Theater in Russia. It has some clips from the pieces the girls perform as well as a look at their rehearsals. It made me miss ballet so much I cried while I was watching it. Although I think part of my crying was over the fact that I used to be thin and muscular and could move like the dancers in the film, it also had a heartfelt feel to the film without making you feel sorry for the dancers. Their determination and self-control is amazing.
I highly recommend this film, whether you are a dancer, used to be a dancer, always wanted to be a dancer or just like watching bony women.
You can also find most of this movie on YouTube. But it's a little harder to watch that way.


  1. my sister gave me her netflix account info to use on my computer. it's brilliant. i'll admit though that all i've watched is a lot of shark week episodes....don't judge. i'll be sure to check out those films. i love documentaries&especially those involving skinnies. thanks for the recommendations.

  2. Sure sure! And I don't judge. I happen to love the show Eureka... (nerd)
    And shark week is awesome.