Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's hard to hide weight loss from a person you sleep naked next to every night.

He's gone all day at work and he has to work this Saturday too. I miss him a lot while he is at work but a part of me isn't that sad because it's easier to not eat during the day when he isn't around. He likes big breakfasts on Saturday morning but that won't be a problem this week.

Here's the problem though.

I don't have a problem lying about when I ate to people I don't really know. But I promised myself I would NEVER lie to my husband. About anything. When it comes to food, it is hard to hold to that. So I have to eat small amounts of things during the day. And I have to say, it is MUCH harder to eat a little of something than to eat nothing. But he has noticed my weight loss and has been asking what I ate during the day.

So I will have a bite here, a bite there. I even made a sandwich yesterday and took two bites and threw the rest out so I could say I ate a sandwich.
I hate throwing out food. I hate wasting money.

It still feels like lying.

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