Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Went well. It's been difficult since I have been on break from school this week. At school it's easy. My schedule is so packed all day long that I don't have time to eat. But when I am at home, I can eat as much as possible.

I haven't been though.

I made a HUGE checklist of things I need to get done over the break. So far, it has been pretty successful.

Yesterday I had a Greek yogurt for breakfast and a latte for lunch. I then studied (yeah, even though I am between terms, I am already studying for the next one.... nerd... perfectionist... maybe a little of both) and then I went to the gym. I was feeling a little dehydrated so it was tough and after my run my calf cramped up really bad but it was worth it. I never regret it when I run; always regret it when I don't.

My run put me at a 200 Calorie deficit which was great because when I got home, Husband suggested we go to the Olive Garden with his co-worker and his wife.
I filled up on mostly salad, but I did eat a bread stick. I ordered the steak gorgonzola alfredo, ate the steak and two bites of pasta and brought the rest home. husband will probably eat the leftovers.

Today I am getting my hair colored. I am excited for that. My natural color is dusty blond (the grossest of all hair colors) so I am going lighter and getting some highlights. I look much better with light hair. I was always jealous of my sister's gorgeous dark brown hair. It's beautiful. I've tried to get her color before, but it just doesn't work for me. We have very different skin. Fact is, I just look better as a blond.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Want it

A friend who has been working extremely hard with me at school, shared this video with me today. It was to motivate us (as we are on break from school this week but already starting to study for next term).

I am going to watch this video every day for the next month.
I hope you do to.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting disordered

My head is getting a little crazy.
I just finished my finals (10 exams in less than a week) and I'm feeling drained. And a little hungover.

Last night my class went out to celebrate and I got pretty drunk. Actually, I started drinking at 3 in the afternoon when my last final got out. But I feel surprisingly good for spending a solid 9 hours drinking yesterday. But a little hungover, just the same.

You know you have an eating disorder when your hangover food of choice is... an apple.

After I had an apple this morning and A LOT of water I went grocery shopping and ran some other errands and now I am warming up some low sodium beef broth with a few carrots thrown in so it feels like food without really feeling like food.

My finals were so crazy though, I haven't run since last Friday, which I'm sure is why the scale has not budged. But I have almost two weeks off from school now so I plan to run six times a week. Today is cold though, and rainy and a little snowy, and I am exhausted so it's a good day for beef broth.

This was a better post in my head. I'm not thinking clearly. I'm stopping here. More to update later.

Friday, February 17, 2012

That feeling when you step on the scale, expecting a certain number, only to find you are literally, exactly ten pounds less than that... Best. Morning. Ever.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

More running

I have been averaging around 20 miles that I have been running every week. It has been paying off too! I would like to even be running more but my schedule is crazy. I have still been about 1 pound per week. The only reason this sucks, is that I have been working so hard at it and only losing a pound per week. But it is progress and I am determined to see this through.

I am coming up on finals next week so my life has gotten extra crazy and I am certain I won't be posting on here. I have ten finals in the next two weeks. It's ridiculous. I'm exhausted.

My only concern is that I have been having heart palpitations all day for the past few weeks. I think it is mostly stress and sleep deprivation, but it's really annoying. I wish it would stop.

Short post. Just checking in. Time to study.