Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Went well. It's been difficult since I have been on break from school this week. At school it's easy. My schedule is so packed all day long that I don't have time to eat. But when I am at home, I can eat as much as possible.

I haven't been though.

I made a HUGE checklist of things I need to get done over the break. So far, it has been pretty successful.

Yesterday I had a Greek yogurt for breakfast and a latte for lunch. I then studied (yeah, even though I am between terms, I am already studying for the next one.... nerd... perfectionist... maybe a little of both) and then I went to the gym. I was feeling a little dehydrated so it was tough and after my run my calf cramped up really bad but it was worth it. I never regret it when I run; always regret it when I don't.

My run put me at a 200 Calorie deficit which was great because when I got home, Husband suggested we go to the Olive Garden with his co-worker and his wife.
I filled up on mostly salad, but I did eat a bread stick. I ordered the steak gorgonzola alfredo, ate the steak and two bites of pasta and brought the rest home. husband will probably eat the leftovers.

Today I am getting my hair colored. I am excited for that. My natural color is dusty blond (the grossest of all hair colors) so I am going lighter and getting some highlights. I look much better with light hair. I was always jealous of my sister's gorgeous dark brown hair. It's beautiful. I've tried to get her color before, but it just doesn't work for me. We have very different skin. Fact is, I just look better as a blond.


  1. Have fun getting your hair done. I never do anything between terms for univeristy, but of course I always have different classes and 90% of the time the textbooks for the classes are not in the bookstore until the week that classes start.

  2. You did really good at Olive Garden. Me usually not so good. Good job on getting your to do list accomplished.

  3. Nerdpower! :D Nothing is like being well prepared. Well done at Olive Garden! xx

  4. I'm impressed that you haven't been binging even though you're home during the day! That's a real sign of willpower. I'm the opposite with the hair colour, I have dark brown hair and always wished I could pull off blond but I can't! -G