Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting disordered

My head is getting a little crazy.
I just finished my finals (10 exams in less than a week) and I'm feeling drained. And a little hungover.

Last night my class went out to celebrate and I got pretty drunk. Actually, I started drinking at 3 in the afternoon when my last final got out. But I feel surprisingly good for spending a solid 9 hours drinking yesterday. But a little hungover, just the same.

You know you have an eating disorder when your hangover food of choice is... an apple.

After I had an apple this morning and A LOT of water I went grocery shopping and ran some other errands and now I am warming up some low sodium beef broth with a few carrots thrown in so it feels like food without really feeling like food.

My finals were so crazy though, I haven't run since last Friday, which I'm sure is why the scale has not budged. But I have almost two weeks off from school now so I plan to run six times a week. Today is cold though, and rainy and a little snowy, and I am exhausted so it's a good day for beef broth.

This was a better post in my head. I'm not thinking clearly. I'm stopping here. More to update later.

1 comment:

  1. hmm... 9 hours of solid drinking - man it's ages since I did something like that.. Makes me feel old lol

    My hangover food used to be wasa crackers... I got alot of "looks" for that..

    Enjoy your weeks off along with the runs :)