Friday, March 17, 2017


According to my Calorie count app, I should have lost 4 pounds in the past two weeks.
Instead I have lost none. And I have no energy. The caffeine I need to get through my day is making me jittery and if I restrict any more I'm certain to binge. Net Calories have been right around 900 each day (some days a little more, some days a little less) I know if I consistently consume under 700 for too many days I binge so I'm trying to avoid that, but honestly, how the fuck am I supposed to lose any more weight like this? I'm not skinny. There's no reason this should be so difficult. Aren't you supposed to shed pounds easier if you're fatter? I'm getting so frustrated.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Husband and I were invited to spend a week with two of our friends in Portugal in September. We booked our tickets yesterday and I REFUSE to be the fat American tourist, so I have bumped up my running even more and am learning Portuguese on

LoseIt still says I should be losing at least two pounds per week, but I'm not. I guess I killed my metabolism long ago. On the plus side, I have been keeping my alcohol intake down (read: 2 drinks per night instead of 4, go me) and I wasn't even going to drink at all last night but some one asked me to sample a couple of beers so I had about 6 ounces of beer. That's still a lot less than usual. And I guess I was rewarded because this morning I was 154.0

It feels good to at least be losing something again.