Monday, July 25, 2016

Two weeks to go.

I got rid of the five pounds pretty quickly so I'm back down to 160. Just less than two weeks til I'm on the beach. The plan is to keep as busy as possible until then and work as much as possible. Money has been tight lately and I'm stressed about going on vacation when we could really use the money.

Yesterday a friend was over (some one I see at least once a week) and out of nowhere she said she thought I was looking thinner. I don't feel thinner. My clothes fit the same as they have for the past two months, so I'm obviously the same size.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

At least I kept moving.

Today was a bad day to eat lunch.

Had I not eaten lunch, or had it only been vegetables, I wouldn't have felt so compelled to run more than a couple of miles. Obviously I should be running at least seven miles every day but it has been 100 degrees with 97% humidity so I feel justified in keeping the mileage low because I refuse to be that person who passes out on the side of the road. But today I almost did.

I took the dog with me for the first two miles but it was too hot for him, so I took him home and ran 4 more by myself. The first 2 miles were bearable, but then my headphones died (Bluetooth) so I couldn't listen to music which made it damn near impossible to focus on anything except how hot it was outside and how lightheaded I was getting. So the last two miles had a lot of walking mixed in, especially because at that point it was all uphill, but dammit at least I kept moving.

Monday, July 18, 2016


Haven't lost. Have gained. Granted, the gain is only 5 pounds so it's something I can work with, but it's still the wrong direction. Especially considering we are going to the Outer Banks (read: Beach) for a week-long vacation only three weeks from now, and dammit I had better be in the 150's. Earlier in the year when I was doing better, I was thinking I could easily be in the 140's before vacation, but that's not realistic at this point. I am, however, reminded of the last trip I took to Florida in which I lost 9 pounds the week preceding the trip. So I know if I really push I could even get into the low 150's in three weeks. It's just going to be a really tough three weeks.

My birthday is this week too. Fortunately I have to work on the day of so celebrating should be minimal. Tonight some friends and I are going out for dinner to celebrate, and I chose Indian food because a) I love it and b) there's enough veggie dishes that aren't too high in Calories that I can keep on track with.

Trying to get back into posting on here too. It really does help.