Monday, July 25, 2016

Two weeks to go.

I got rid of the five pounds pretty quickly so I'm back down to 160. Just less than two weeks til I'm on the beach. The plan is to keep as busy as possible until then and work as much as possible. Money has been tight lately and I'm stressed about going on vacation when we could really use the money.

Yesterday a friend was over (some one I see at least once a week) and out of nowhere she said she thought I was looking thinner. I don't feel thinner. My clothes fit the same as they have for the past two months, so I'm obviously the same size.


  1. Good luck with your weightloss. I'm sure you can do it. And 2 weeks is a pretty decent amount of time.
    You might be. I mean sometimes it takes me more time than the people around me to notice I look thinner.
    Hope you have a nice week :)


  2. Good luck. I hope you enjoy your time at the beach, regardless of what the scales say.