Monday, July 18, 2016


Haven't lost. Have gained. Granted, the gain is only 5 pounds so it's something I can work with, but it's still the wrong direction. Especially considering we are going to the Outer Banks (read: Beach) for a week-long vacation only three weeks from now, and dammit I had better be in the 150's. Earlier in the year when I was doing better, I was thinking I could easily be in the 140's before vacation, but that's not realistic at this point. I am, however, reminded of the last trip I took to Florida in which I lost 9 pounds the week preceding the trip. So I know if I really push I could even get into the low 150's in three weeks. It's just going to be a really tough three weeks.

My birthday is this week too. Fortunately I have to work on the day of so celebrating should be minimal. Tonight some friends and I are going out for dinner to celebrate, and I chose Indian food because a) I love it and b) there's enough veggie dishes that aren't too high in Calories that I can keep on track with.

Trying to get back into posting on here too. It really does help.

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