Friday, September 23, 2011

How to lose 5 lbs in 24 hrs

Step 1) Get violently ill.

This post may be a little gross to read. If you don't like reading gross posts, you should probably stop reading.

I'm not sure what happened to me the last day and a half. Two nights ago I started feeling sick to my stomach. Yesterday I felt even worse and ended up leaving work early for fear of throwing up. From the time I got home at 2:30 in the afternoon until I went to bed around 10pm last night, all I did was have diarrhea. Constantly. I don't even know how there was that much to come out of me. By the end of it, it was all just this yellowy liquid that burned a lot. It was awful. I was so empty and dehydrated that I was freezing and husband came in to the bedroom and asked why I just had a sweatshirt draped over me. I told him it was because I was too drained to even put it over my head.

It was around 10pm that the madness stopped and I knew I should eat something but I feared it would hurt too bad. I ended up having a banana, which took me almost an hour to eat, and a glass of water. This combination caused a little more burning liquid to be expelled from my body but that seemed to be about the end of it.

After having the banana I just wanted to go to bed. I was exhausted and I ended up shivering myself to sleep under flannel sheets, a heavy blanket and two down comforters while Husband tried to keep me warm.

I'm feeling much better this morning. Still pretty exhausted and a little afraid to eat anything but certainly in less pain.

Luckily I am only working a 3 hour shift today. Which hardly seems worth it, but today I am not complaining.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back at it

Finally got out running this morning! It helps that I don't have to work until noon. I was supposed to go in at 4pm actually, but one of our employees hasn't shown up for two days now so I am going in early for her. On the plus side, I get to leave early. I can leave at 7pm which means I don't have to close! Which is great because I HATE closing.

Anyway, my run went pretty well. I logged it on daily mile (it hurt to log in and see at the top of the screen "0 miles per week".) My overall pace was one of my slowest, but again it was my first time out in three weeks. I wasn't expecting any personal records. And I started off practically sprinting because it felt so good to run again but that meant I tired faster and had to walk a little in the middle of the run. Oh well, got my heart rate up and according to daily mile I burned about 467 Calories, and on two sips of coffee with milk and two bites of pineapple that starts my day at negative Cals so I'll take it!

How are all of you doing?

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thanks folks for likin' my blog!

And to my new followers, I hope you are enjoying it (even with my lack of recent posting). I follow many of your blogs (Karolina, I've really enjoyed reading yours) but I think most of my new followers don't have links to their blogs in their profiles, so if I'm not currently following yours and you would like me to check it out (I'm always looking for new blogs to follow) leave me a link in the comments!

Husband is working today. He works occasional Saturdays. I work every Saturday night (yet another reason I can't wait to get out of food services) but we usually have the day to spend together. I think I am going to take my Nook over to B&N and find some good free reading. Sometimes I am disappointed you can only read their e-books for free for only an hour (though I understand why they do that) but other times I am glad because then I won't spend the entire day in the store reading.

I started the day with two spoonfuls of yogurt and a handful of cheerios. I will probably make myself a cup of tea before I leave the house.

I need to be running more. I was doing so well for a while but I haven't been running much since we moved. Our new location doesn't have the sidewalks that our old location did so it's a little more annoying to run. Unfortunately it has kind of been stopping me altogether. Which I am sure is why I haven't lost any weight in so long.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello again

So things are settled down a little for now. I was in New England for most of the past week. It was nice to see my family. As some of you readers may know, my mom can be a little difficult but she toned it down a little this past weekend. I think she was too busy with things to be bothered with trying to force-feed me. Because of this, it was much easier to not go overboard. So I didn't gain at all while I was gone. I didn't lose, but I didn't gain.

I finally saw Black Swan while I was traveling. My mom let me borrow it and I watched it on the plane. I was glad it wasn't very scary (I get nightmares easily) it was just a little creepy. There was a lot of sex in the movie though which was awkward because the 45 year old guy in the seat next to me kept watching (rather than reading his book) whenever a sex scene came on. He would then shift in his seat and adjust his pants. Creep.
Just as every one has said though, the girls' bodies in the movie are incredible.

I haven't lost weight in a while now. I'm not quite where I would like to be. I think the hardest part is because I work around food and people are constantly saying "here! Eat this!" and it gets difficult to come up with excuses not to.

You would think just politely declining would be enough. But there is that unspoken rule that you HAVE to eat as much as other people want you too.

There were donuts at work a while ago. When I saw a half-eaten one, I asked whose it was to see if it needed to be thrown away. But all I said was, "whose donut is this?"

The girl who was eating it replied "oh, it's mine, don't worry, I will finish it".
I told her I wasn't worried.

Why? Because it doesn't matter to me how little another girl eats. Donuts are not healthy and if some one doesn't want to finish one or eat one at all, guess what, that's fine.
I'm not about to force any one to eat something for fear they will be thinner than me. If I am worried about that, it's my own business and I have a responsibility to eat less.

I'm going to go do ballet.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I still exist!

But I have been traveling a lot and have had very little time to post or comment. Things should calm down soon though and I will be back.

Best wishes to all of you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New place

This past weekend we moved across town. The place we lived before was waaay small but we knew that going into it.
In November I am going back to school to get my doctorate and that is why we moved across the country, but we moved here in February because that is when Husband was to start work in this state.
Anyway, the place we initially moved in to was tiny but we were able to get a six month lease for next to nothing and we figured that would give us enough time to find something a little more permanent after getting to know the area.
And we did.

So we just moved in to a townhouse across town. It's in a decent neighborhood and it feels a bit like a house because it is on the corner of a building so we have windows on more than just the "front and back" of the apartment like more complexes have. Also where we lived before was practically a studio apartment where this one has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and outdoor patio on the main floor. The top floor has two bedrooms (one of which we turned into a study), a linen closet and a bathroom and the place even as a basement! Which is great because now Husband has a place to play his drums :)

The other benefit of moving is that it was some serious calorie burn. We had some people helping us but I didn't just hang out and let "the men" move everything. I carried the heaviest shit I could. I even burst blood vessels in the crooks of both of my elbows I was lifting so much heavy stuff. It was like, three straight days of all out sweat fest, followed by a fourth day of vigorous cleaning of the old apartment. Which was great because all I really ever do is cardio because I don't have a gym membership. And I like to do a little strength stuff because having a little more muscle increases metabolism by a lot.

Also I have been working like a crazy person. We just had three girls quit where I work and we were under-staffed to begin with so I have been working all the time to help out. But miraculously I have today off! So I am going to go make myself a cup of tea and continue to unpack. Later I will go for a run.