Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello again

So things are settled down a little for now. I was in New England for most of the past week. It was nice to see my family. As some of you readers may know, my mom can be a little difficult but she toned it down a little this past weekend. I think she was too busy with things to be bothered with trying to force-feed me. Because of this, it was much easier to not go overboard. So I didn't gain at all while I was gone. I didn't lose, but I didn't gain.

I finally saw Black Swan while I was traveling. My mom let me borrow it and I watched it on the plane. I was glad it wasn't very scary (I get nightmares easily) it was just a little creepy. There was a lot of sex in the movie though which was awkward because the 45 year old guy in the seat next to me kept watching (rather than reading his book) whenever a sex scene came on. He would then shift in his seat and adjust his pants. Creep.
Just as every one has said though, the girls' bodies in the movie are incredible.

I haven't lost weight in a while now. I'm not quite where I would like to be. I think the hardest part is because I work around food and people are constantly saying "here! Eat this!" and it gets difficult to come up with excuses not to.

You would think just politely declining would be enough. But there is that unspoken rule that you HAVE to eat as much as other people want you too.

There were donuts at work a while ago. When I saw a half-eaten one, I asked whose it was to see if it needed to be thrown away. But all I said was, "whose donut is this?"

The girl who was eating it replied "oh, it's mine, don't worry, I will finish it".
I told her I wasn't worried.

Why? Because it doesn't matter to me how little another girl eats. Donuts are not healthy and if some one doesn't want to finish one or eat one at all, guess what, that's fine.
I'm not about to force any one to eat something for fear they will be thinner than me. If I am worried about that, it's my own business and I have a responsibility to eat less.

I'm going to go do ballet.


  1. Glad you had a nice family trip. And no gain! That's amazing.

  2. cheers for no gain. good job, little lady. ballet? i'm a little jealous. sorry about the creep on the plane. that had to be a little uncomfortable. kudos to you for taking responsibility. anyway, stay strong.

  3. I'm glad you had a good trip. And not gaining is great.

  4. How do you do it??? Every time I go on a trip I come home a few pounds heavier. :o|

  5. Eww....extreme creep on the plane sorry you had to deal with that. F-ing men I tell ya. I understand the frutration abt not loosing but at least you maintained on your vaca...most people included. :( Stay strong you'll loose in no time!

  6. I admire you, I'm that terrible bitch you offers you another... and another... until you're stuffed and / or humiliated. I hate to eat in front of people, too.

    I loved Black Swan, but the guy on the plane seems like a total creep. Actually, rather like subway dude in the movie... cute :/

    I just started following your blog, I really love it!

  7. Welcome back! That's really awesome that you didn't gain while traveling

  8. Back in the day when I watched thirteen at the cinema, I was surprised how many old men there were watching the movies. And the guy a couple of seats away from me kept touching his pants, freaky shit.

    The bodies in black swan were amazing, I preferred mila kunis though.