Saturday, September 17, 2011


Thanks folks for likin' my blog!

And to my new followers, I hope you are enjoying it (even with my lack of recent posting). I follow many of your blogs (Karolina, I've really enjoyed reading yours) but I think most of my new followers don't have links to their blogs in their profiles, so if I'm not currently following yours and you would like me to check it out (I'm always looking for new blogs to follow) leave me a link in the comments!

Husband is working today. He works occasional Saturdays. I work every Saturday night (yet another reason I can't wait to get out of food services) but we usually have the day to spend together. I think I am going to take my Nook over to B&N and find some good free reading. Sometimes I am disappointed you can only read their e-books for free for only an hour (though I understand why they do that) but other times I am glad because then I won't spend the entire day in the store reading.

I started the day with two spoonfuls of yogurt and a handful of cheerios. I will probably make myself a cup of tea before I leave the house.

I need to be running more. I was doing so well for a while but I haven't been running much since we moved. Our new location doesn't have the sidewalks that our old location did so it's a little more annoying to run. Unfortunately it has kind of been stopping me altogether. Which I am sure is why I haven't lost any weight in so long.


  1. Thank you! I didn't know you could log free reading time at Barnes & Noble-- I do have a Kindle, though... and it sounds quite nice. I might check that out.

  2. I haven't been running in a while either. I got back into it before college started and now I can't be bothered waking up even earlier than I do to go lol.

    We don't have a Barnes & Noble here. I am a sucker for spending all day in book stores though when I should be doing other things.