Thursday, September 1, 2011

New place

This past weekend we moved across town. The place we lived before was waaay small but we knew that going into it.
In November I am going back to school to get my doctorate and that is why we moved across the country, but we moved here in February because that is when Husband was to start work in this state.
Anyway, the place we initially moved in to was tiny but we were able to get a six month lease for next to nothing and we figured that would give us enough time to find something a little more permanent after getting to know the area.
And we did.

So we just moved in to a townhouse across town. It's in a decent neighborhood and it feels a bit like a house because it is on the corner of a building so we have windows on more than just the "front and back" of the apartment like more complexes have. Also where we lived before was practically a studio apartment where this one has a living room, kitchen, dining room, and outdoor patio on the main floor. The top floor has two bedrooms (one of which we turned into a study), a linen closet and a bathroom and the place even as a basement! Which is great because now Husband has a place to play his drums :)

The other benefit of moving is that it was some serious calorie burn. We had some people helping us but I didn't just hang out and let "the men" move everything. I carried the heaviest shit I could. I even burst blood vessels in the crooks of both of my elbows I was lifting so much heavy stuff. It was like, three straight days of all out sweat fest, followed by a fourth day of vigorous cleaning of the old apartment. Which was great because all I really ever do is cardio because I don't have a gym membership. And I like to do a little strength stuff because having a little more muscle increases metabolism by a lot.

Also I have been working like a crazy person. We just had three girls quit where I work and we were under-staffed to begin with so I have been working all the time to help out. But miraculously I have today off! So I am going to go make myself a cup of tea and continue to unpack. Later I will go for a run.


  1. The new place sounds amazing :) Enjoy your day off :)

  2. Your new place sounds nice! I hope you have a good day off from work.

  3. Nice to move to a bigger space. Moving is such hard work.

  4. New place sounds FAB and hurray for all the cals bruned in the move!!

  5. Moving is such hard work. Your new place sounds great though. :)

  6. Moving is such a pain but I'm glad the new place seems to be working. Bigger is always better. :)