Friday, August 26, 2011

More vacationy things

Fed Up, We went on vacation to Cape Hatteras off the coast of North Carolina, and I would highly recommend it! It's not over crowded like Hilton Head Island or the Jersey shore or anything so it is sooo relaxing.

This is a satellite image of the island thing where we were staying. The red box is where out beach house was, and the image below is a zoomed in image of the red box area. If they look as small on your screen as they do on mine, click on them for a better view :)

The red circle is around the house we were staying in. The red arrow is pointing to the boardwalk from the previous post. As you can see, we pretty much had ocean on either side of us.

And here is a link to the beach house we all stayed in. The hot tub was right in the middle of that middle deck in the photo and it looked out over the water (which you can tell if you scroll through the pictures).

And now, I leave you with some photo inspiration :)


  1. I love the second photo, that girl is amazingly flexible and balanced.

  2. The beach house is beautiful. It looks like something I just saw in a movie. Something Borrowed...where they are always going to a beach house in the Hamptons. I want a vaca stat!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous place to vacation, must have been nice! Good thing you're not there anymore though with the tropical storm/hurricane coming through!