Friday, August 5, 2011

All I do is win

In preparation for our week at the beach that is coming up in a week from today, I have been pushing myself even harder.
My run yesterday was comfortable but my run the day before, I clearly pushed myself too far. Near the end of my run my stomach started hurting but I really wanted to run the entire length of a particular hill. Well, I did. Also, there was a stop light at a busy intersection at the top of the hill. So I stopped to wait for the light to change so I could cross. And I vomited. Probably 20 people saw. As soon as I was done puking, the light changed and I continued running 'til I got home.
So classy.
My hard work hasn't paid off on the scale yet though. I'm hoping for even a small loss, but really I just don't want to be flabby. One of our old friends from where we used to live is going with all of us and he is a fitness fanatic! He used to be a gymnast but now he just works out all the time. With the ripped body and gorgeous face he should be an asshole, right? Nope. He's one of the nicest most positive people I have ever met. And he's smart. Which got me thinking about this picture I stole from this lovely girl's tumblr.

Because let's be honest, 99% of the population just can't be all three. God knows I haven't found the right balance.

But anyway. As a bit of motivation, I was looking through old pictures of myself from before I started college when I was SUPER thin. My husband saw what I was looking at and I explained how I wish I hadn't gained so much weight.
He responded by explaining to me how when he first met me (around the start of college) he wasn't attracted to me because I looked too tomboyish. Which I knew, because he has told me that before. But he said once I gained a few pounds I got a little "fuller" and sexier and I look much prettier now and he doesn't want me to be that thin again.
I told him I probably just look more feminine because my hair is longer and I dress more femininely.
He claims it's because now I have boobs and a butt.

I know he means well, and I shouldn't feel so down about it. My BMI is in the "normal" range, I have some muscle and I am in good physical condition. But when he says the word "fuller", the only thing that comes to my mind is pre-hollywood-influence America Ferrera.

I'm never eating again.


  1. I took one look at that triangle and thought of the harry potter deathly hallows symbol. God I'm overtired haha. I'm sure nobody thinks you look like Ugly Betty! I know it's hard to get past the word "fuller" but I also know that you know deep down that that is not what he meant! Chin up, I don't know what you look like but I don't have to that to know you're beautiful. -G

  2. also: the look your blog is such a refreshing change from all the dark and despressing ana blogs. My own included!