Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good enough

So I slept in a little yesterday but was still able to get in a very short jog around the "block" where I live. It's not really like a city block it's just some roads that connect to make kind of a square-ish route. It was just under 2 miles so at least it was something.
When I got out of work I went for another short run up to a park near my place which was another 3 miles so almost 5 miles total. Which isn't great, but it's something. Then last night I started to do some yoga, but I wasn't really feeling it so I wound up putting on some music and dancing around my apartment like a fool. Haha. it was ridiculous but it's what I felt like doing and I worked up a sweat doing it so it was good!

Today I am getting my hair cut (it is LONG overdue, it looks AWFUL) which I needed to make a priority because we are going on vacation in less than two weeks and it really needs to be done before then. Especially because we are going to the beach and when I am at the beach I never do anything with my hair so it needs to be cut well.

Speaking of the beach, I also need a new swimsuit. I have three of them, two of which are ancient and all worn out, the third I bought last summer when I had lost a bunch of weight, but guess what! I am waaayyyy fatter now and it looks disgusting on me.
Also, my husband's cousins will be on vacation with us (it's kind of a family thing, but his family is AWESOME so it will be fun) and his cousin's whole family are quite possibly the thinnest people I have ever met. So I really need to find a good flattering suit because even if I drop a few more pounds before the trip I will not look nearly as good as any of them.
And we all know people will be taking pictures the whole time :-/


And thanks girls for your comments.
Fed Up, I bought a very small candy bar (about 100 cals) and put it in the back of my cupboard last night. Hopefully I won't feel a need to eat it, but it will be there as back-up for when I really want something sweet. That way I don't keep wasting time trying to satisfy what I really want.

And Gianna, it's always nice to see you posting again! I have missed reading your blog, but I understand that life gets busy and it's hard to get to it or when just nothing of interest happens that is worth posting. I hope you are doing well though and good luck with your competition!

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  1. I dance around my house too sometimes just to do SOMETHING!