Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Husband is gone for the week and it is so hard to sleep without him next to me. *sigh* :(

So I have been up looking up blogs. I need to find some new ones to follow. People tend to phase in and out of these blogs and a lot of the ones I used to follow haven't posted in years. (Yeah, I've had this blog that long, but a couple of times now I have gone back and deleted everything. Or I have been that person who stops posting for a long time.)

Tonight I wanted soooo badly to go get Dairy Queen. But I resisted. I kept opening things up to eat them and then putting them away. The problem was that I wanted something sweet and we don't have anything sweet in this place. The closest I came was making oatmeal and adding some vanilla syrup (that I put in my iced coffee) and some unsweetened cocoa powder. It was disgusting. So I threw it out. Just as well.

Today was very busy so I didn't get much of a workout in, but planning to wake extra early to work out tomorrow morning and then go for a run when I get out of work. Then maybe some yoga before bed? We shall see.


  1. Ooohh...I love DQ. Their soft serve is so bright white and perfectly tasty! I'm trying to resist my fav yogurt shop here. It's probably best not to have anything sweet in the house but it sure does suck when you just want SOMETHING!!

  2. Ohh DQ. I had some on the weekend... bad me. But it was all I ate that day except for veggie lasagna so I think it's alright. I'm ablog phaser hhah. Currently I just don't read any blogs. Unless I see an update on yours or very few others. Then I read then (: sometimes I just run outta things to say. Good luck with your plan tomorrow <3