Tuesday, March 22, 2011

An apple a day

So, I pretty much can't stop reading Mark's Daily Apple. It is a good insight into "modern wisdom" and why popular diets don't work. I've been cutting out grains lately and feeling really good. I certainly have more energy.

Also, I ordered some Vibram FiveFingers and I am excited for that. I have had so many problems with my knees and my feet lately from running. I picked up a book called Born to Run and they talk a lot about Nike, shoe companies and why running shoes are probably the worst thing to happen to the running industry. Mark talks about the Vibrams on his website too. My best friend from back home has a pair and she loves them so I am really looking forward to having them.

I have set a new goal. My husband's cousin is getting married on May 7th in San Diego. It will be my first time on the west coast so I really want to be as thin/fit as possible. I am hoping to lose ten pounds by then and tone up my arms as I, no doubt, will be wearing a strapless dress to the wedding.

Also, I have looked at FB pictures of their friends out there... Every one in San Diego is good looking. Ugh.

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