Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love this video of Nicole Richie. It's funny if you watch it how confident she is that she is making the right choices for her kids. The other mothers on the show with her act like what she is doing is so appalling but you can see the embarrassment on their own faces as she explains this. It is disgusting how addicted to sugar and junk food our nation is that they would be SHOCKED she doesn't give her kids kool-aid. That stuff is instant make-it-yourself poison. I wasn't allowed to drink it growing up and neither will my kids be. And when you don't drink it, you don't get a taste for it. The stuff still grosses me out because it has no flavor. But we find this shocking.


  1. Wow...interesting clip. I can't believe how snobby those other moms were acting. Good for Nicole for staying true to her beliefs.

    Koolaid is NASTY! I didn't have it growing up and my (future) kids won't either. I just can't get over that woman's face when Nicole mentioned "sugar-free vegan cupcakes"...what a jealous b*tch.

  2. I know! It's crazy. We live in a stupid world.