Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So I can't find a job.

My husband and I moved to the Midwest at the beginning of February and I still can't find work. And it sucks for two major reasons.

1) I think my husband is starting to think I am not trying
2) I have WAAAAYYYY too much time on my hands to eat eat eat

So I have been slowly gaining weight since a little after we moved here. It also sucks too because I am not active. My bike was stolen when I lived in Pennsylvania so I can't go for bike rides. There isn't a good place to run (although I do it anyway) because the sidewalks here are short and will just randomly end on a busy highway. No good hikes or places to fish or any kind of remotely physical activity. We were playing frisbee at night because it warmed up for a bit but it has gotten cold again and our hands get too cold to play.

AND my husband loves junk food. His two favorite foods are brownies and cookies so they are always in the house. Which again, if I HAD A JOB, I would be busy enough to not have to worry about the food around here.

I have applied for literally almost a hundred jobs. The problem is, my degree doesn't really qualify me for anything (It's Neuroscience, I am starting school again in the fall, that's why we moved out here) and none of crappy jobs will take me. My husband thinks I am "over-qualified" for retail and waiting tables and customer service and all the other lousy jobs I have applied for.

My inability to get a waitress job really surprises me the most though. Waiting tables was kind of my "fallback" option because I HATE doing it but I am really good at. I enjoyed my previous job as a pharmacy technician but figured if I couldn't get that out here I would look for something else and wait tables as a LAST RESORT. Well, I have even applied as a last resort but I can't even get a waitress job.
I feel like a fat failure.

That's probably why they won't hire me. I'm too fat.

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  1. I am also gaining weight the longer I remain on unemployment. I do not have a degree. I actually only have my GED. However I managed to work my way into a $60K Accounting position in the Real Estate industry. I was there 3 years, then laid off when the economy crumbled. I sat on the couch for a year, gained 30 pounds. Yes.. 30... I am only 30 years old. I am also very pretty. I know this because everyone has told me my entire life that I am. I cannot get a waitressing job or even any other minimum wage job. I have applied anywhere from Denny's to fine dining. I absolutely do not want to be in accounting or any other 9-5. It usually requires a college degree anyway. None of the staffing companies are interested in me because they think I am looking for too much money. Even a job at $35K is unattainable for me and does not cover the cost of living single in CA. Not to mention the only job I can get would be less than my unemployment, so there is no incentive to get off any time soon. What I really wanted was a waitressing job. Built in exercise, a way to meet some new friends and a less stressful job I can leave behind at the end of my shift. I have actually decided I want to go to college now and I need to find a job with tips as my unemployment will soon be depleted. I have a bunch of food serving experience. I have done this job on the side from the ages of 18-25. I have to believe it is my weight that is an issue. I get so far into the hiring process if there is a man involved. The men see my face and like me. They give me the initial interview and then the assessment tests or personality tests( most restaurants in california do this ). I pass the test. Now on to the interview. Oh boy, another middle aged female that does not like my interview and out the door I go..... I am 5'2 and I weigh 180 pounds. I sure carry it well because people seem amazed when I tell them my weight. I know im not that fat but still too fat for a waitress job I guess. As I sit there filling out applications I take a look around and notice, yep!!!! sure enough!!!! everyone, even the men, are thin and good looking. All except the hiring managers. I do not get it?? I am fun, have a peppy personality and still no job. I have never had this issue and this extra weight is all to blame. Now I feel like a fat failure and I eating Easter Candy at this moment thinking about it. The worst is the ones that want a picture emailed to them before they even consider the interview. Cross your fingers for me... I have a 2nd Interview at Chili's tomorrow. I am hoping to start a new career and I need motivation to do it. If everyone keeps telling me no and slamming the door in my face, I'm afraid I will give up and be 300 pounds be next year. FAT AND UNEMPLOYED IS NOT A GOOD COMBO!