Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekends are my enemy

Stepping on the scale this morning was a disaster. I told myself I wouldn't. If I can't even control whether or not I step on the scale, how am I supposed to control anything else?

I knew it would be high because of the Queso on Saturday night and the Taquitos last night. I am up FOUR POUNDS. In TWO days! So many Calories. But I think the biggest weight gain is from all of the sodium! I feel so bloated and my wedding ring is so tight it barely fits.

So this morning I am going to have some water and tea and then go to the store and get some Just Cranberry and Just Black Cherry juice. I mix those 1 part cranberry, 1 part black cherry and 2 parts water and just drink that during the day. It helped me lose a lot of weight back in December.

Also I haven't been running. I did something to my foot/ankle last week and it is seriously hurting. The reason I am the most worried about it though is I can't figure out what's wrong.
I have pain right below my ankle bone which I would normally just think is some kinf of sprain but the pain intensifies when I am off of it.

We went to the movie on Friday night I and almost didn't make it through the movie, my ankle was in so much pain and it was radiating up through my leg and down my foot. When I stand/walk on it, it lessens but being off of it was unbearable. Everything I found online just said "if pain intensifies when off of it, go to the hospital immediately". But no explanation of what could be wrong and that BOTHERS me.

I refuse to go to the hospital if I'm not on my deathbed right now. Since we moved recently and my husband started a new job, his insurance hasn't kicked in yet so there is no way I am going to a hospital for this. I just want to know what's going on and I want it to get better.

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