Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feeling Good

I was down another half pound this morning. It feels good but I think I might try and not weigh myself for a little bit. I was going back through an old journal from a few years ago (when I went from very overweight to very very skinny) and considering how I did that so seemingly effortlessly.

I know the biggest part was being so active. I lived in New England at the time and there was TONS to do outside. It's more boring where I am now. But I have been trying to get out and walk, run, play frisbee etc. I wish my bike hadn't been stolen though. It was a really nice VERY EXPENSIVE mountain bike that I had chained to my porch when I lived in Eastern PA but it still was stolen. I should have just trekked it up the three flights of stairs and kept it inside. I miss it.

But anyway. Aside from being active, one thing I never did when I lost all of that weight was weigh myself. I went from wearing a size 13 to a size 2 (could even squeeze into some zeros) without ever stepping on a scale and I think I should maybe try that again.

Maybe not to that extreme, I know I would be too curious, but maybe once a month or something. Instead, I will go by how my clothes fit. That is what I did before. If they were getting tighter, I needed to eat less. If they were getting looser, I would just keep up the good work.

Know what I think is funny? When magazines and people being interviewed say "Oh, men actually PREFER women with some weight on them".

Any one who is friends with even ONE man, knows that this is not the case. Go to a bar or restaurant with a group of men and see what they lay their eyes on nudge each other about. The stick thin girls. Always. Every time. She doesn't even have to have a pretty face. As long as she's skinny, guys are into them. Duuuhhhhh. It's almost irritating to hear people on TV say this because they are giving girls false hope. Leading them to believe they will have men drooling over them if they are even a little bit overweight. News flash: They won't.

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