Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last night

So last night actually went really well. Did I consume a little more than I intended? Yes. Was I more active that I expected? Yes. Did I do as badly over all as I feared? No.

To start, I found the woman's house pretty easily. And I figured it was her house because of all of the cars in the driveway.

Now, where I grew up, every one entered people's houses through the garage. So I got out of my car, into the pouring rain, cold wind and thunder, and went to the garage door. I rang what looked like a doorbell and waited. No answer. So I made my way to the front door. Pushed what looked like another doorbell and although I didn't hear any sound, I waited in case I just couldn't hear it over the nasty weather.
No answer.
So I knocked. Waited. No answer.
Knocked again. Waited. No answer.

After the third time I knocked and waited, I was getting very cold and soaked through my clothes. I thought to myself I could just go home. I wouldn't have to eat anything this evening. I could tell my husband the party was canceled because of the weather and that I picked up a sandwich on the way home. This could work. But I had already RSVP'd and I thought she would think it was weird if I said I was going to show up and then didn't.


I let myself in. Upon entering, I saw a few pairs of shoes in the entryway. A good sign that the party was here. But I didn't hear any noise! Was this the right house? Had I wandered into some stranger's home?
Maybe the party was in the basement. Did this house have a basement?

"Hello? ... Hellooo?!!"

No reply.

So I started slowly peering around corners, wondering where every one might be, and if trespassers would be shot, and I came across a man in a child's room.


He didn't turn around. Yikes.
I saw what looked like a door to a basement. Heard a couple of voices and just went for it.

FORTUNATELY, this was the right place. I went downstairs and saw the hostess standing there with a group of other women. I breathed a sigh of relief and told her what just happened. It turned out to be a fortunate situation because the story of my just walking into some ones house at night made for a good story and every one started laughing (which was nice because I didn't know any one there) and that kind of broke the ice.
I guess her husband was supposed to be paying attention for arriving guests. Whoops. Haha.

So she offered me a drink. Yay alcohol! I never really drink because my husband doesn't and he feels weird when he is the only person not drinking and since I don't usually go anywhere without him and I love him very much, I don't really ever drink. But last night there was margaritas and Smirnoff Ice's and beer galore so I enjoyed a few drinks. Yes, I know alcoholic drinks are LOADED with calories, but since I drink so rarely and so little I tend not to count it.

After I had a margarita in hand, people started digging into the food. They raved about the Buffalo Chicken Dip.
Oh good. Eat up.

But after a few minutes, they insisted I load up a plate with food.
Luckily, there were a lot of fruits and vegetables and the plates were small so I took mostly celery and some orange slices as well as a few pieces of Puppy Chow (if you don't know what this snack food is, look it up. It's not dog food.).

But really, people don't care if you're eating or not. They just want to think you are. Since all of the seats were taken at the table that was there (mostly by larger women) I stood to "eat" my food. But with a drink in one hand and a plate in the other, I didn't have a free hand to actually transfer the food from my plate to my mouth. So I sipped my drink and made conversation with a few people who had introduced themselves to me (while they had put their drinks down to free up a food shoveling hand).

Around the time I was finishing my drink, the hostess decided to start up Just Dance on the Wii.

"Who is brave enough to go first?"

Of course I am.

I put my plate of food and my empty glass down on the far side of the room from the game and started working up a sweat playing/dancing. It was so fun! And calorie burning! We spent a couple of hours switching off players and having some laughs and some drinks. It was a lot of fun.

My only downfall came near the end of the evening when a bunch of us decided to play Apples to Apples. The hostess brought the bowl of Puppy Chow over for people to have and I took a couple of small scoops of it and ate it, but I didn't go overboard and we were really dancing up a storm, and I hadn't eaten all day so I wasn't about to beat myself up over it.

So even though I would be a lot happier with myself had I not had the puppy chow at the end of the evening, it didn't go as poorly as those kinds of situations often can so I will count it a good day.

How is every one else doing?


  1. Oohh puppy chow. Fantastically dangerous. Overall, it seems like you had a pretty good night! I am impressed. I probably would have been one of the fat ones at the table. Just kidding :) I'm doing well today so I'm trying not to put myself down! The story of you finding the party made me laugh, good thing it was the right house!

  2. I've been wanting puppy chow for the past two days! I've been trying to avoid making it. My boyfriend doesn't know what it is, so I've considered making him some but I know I would eat a bunch! Good thing you had the right house.

  3. Haha. Good luck! I think my biggest downfall is making stuff for my husband. I make junk food for him and then end up eating more of it than he does!

  4. WOAH! What a night! I am starting to follow you, btw! Keep strong! xx