Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Low Carbing

So, I haven't lost nearly what I need to in order to look acceptable in May. So I am going to go Low-Carb for the next few weeks. Back when my husband and I were first dating, he went on a Low Carb diet (and didn't even work out because he HATES working out) and he lost 30 pounds in just over three weeks. I'm sure I won't lose that much that fast because I don't have as much to lose, but it should be something. If I can just drop 10 pounds in the next two and a half weeks I will be happy. I am going to try to keep it under 20g of Carbs a day and to try to make sure those Carbs are from veggies. Some will be in the form of fruit. Tonight for dinner I am making Hawaiian stuffed chicken breast and there is a little bit of pineapple in those, but hardly any. I will make that and broccoli.

If any one is wondering why I don't post my weight on here it's because I am superstitious. The last two times I started posting my weight (before I re-did this blog at the beginning of this year) the numbers just seem to go up and up, so I no longer post it. I feel a little guilty about it because I like to read others' weights, but I am too afraid that if I start posting mine again I will start gaining again, so I don't.

I have a new show addiction. It's called "Starved" and I have been watching it on YouTube. It's about 4 individuals with eating disorders and it is pretty funny but it also seems to portray pretty well some of the emotional side of eating disorder triggers. I love the counseling group they go to. I feel like that would be more effective if I were ever in a situation where I needed therapy.

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  1. I watched the whole series of Starved on youtube and I loved it!! I wish the kept the show going! :(

    I feel like I have watched EVERYTHING on youtube. If you see any new goodies let us know!!