Saturday, April 2, 2011


I had to do it to myself. I clearly have had too much self-control in the past week.

The one food that I have never been able to resist is no-bake cookies. I could eat them until I turn into them.
And yesterday, I made some. I kept telling myself not to. Even when I was at the store, I kept circling the oatmeal trying to decide whether to get it or not. To make the cookies or not to make the cookies.

I finally caved. Came home, put away the groceries and sat down on the couch to think about it.

Eh, I will delay. Remove my nail polish. Read some Cosmo. Still can't get the cookies out of my head.

So I made them.

Now, fortunately I had enough self-control last night to only eat one. I don't make them very big for that very reason. If I eat two of them, it's the equivalent of about 2/3 of a normal one.

But then this morning. Ugh. My husband has to work today so I was up with him at 6. And I hate when he works Saturdays. For some reason I always binge on the Saturdays that he works.
After he left at 7, I spent about 20 minutes pacing back and forth to the kitchen.
I should have just thrown them out. But then when he got home tonight he would wonder where they are.

So. It is quarter of eight in the morning and I have have 4 cookies already.


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