Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More goodness

Down another pound this morning. I am really liking this low-carb thing. I can't eat everything I want, but I can eat as much as I want. And it never turns into a binge because the protein is so filling.

Cierra - The flax is a good idea. I have been putting a little in my eggs after I cook them to add some fiber, but it does have some carbs and seeing how I am only allowing myself up to 20g per day, I have to be careful.

I was afraid I wouldn't have lost anything this morning because I did break the rules and have a bubble tea last night (which has 3x more grams of carbs than I can have in a whole day) but it was yummy and apparently didn't do much damage.

Sorry my posts have been a little boring lately. My life has been a little boring.
I pretty much spend all day looking for work and haven't gotten anything yet, so I have nothing to update.
But I am enjoying reading all of your posts and I promise as soon as something (anything) happens in my life, I will post about it.

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