Monday, April 25, 2011

Not bad

Thanks ladies for your advice.

I don't normally have a problem with "regularity" because I eat a helping of organic yogurt (with live active cultures) with fresh fruit and ground flax seed every day. But that is far more sugar than I can have on this diet. I think I will still keep it up for a while because I have been steadily losing about a pound per day. This morning I wasn't down any but that is because yesterday was Easter and rather than telling myself I would "stay within my rules" or whatever, I planned ahead to have dessert and know that I wouldn't have lost anything today. So knowing I would be consuming more sugar in one sitting than I am "allowed" in a day right now, I allowed myself to eat as much fruit yesterday as I wanted. That is what I miss most since starting this diet: fruit.

But for now, I will do without. It's only two more weeks and then I will see where I am at.


  1. thanks for all your insight on my last post. I found it interesting and helpful. Glad to see your diet is working! -G

  2. sprinkling some flaxseed on your salads or in a drink. I have a tbsp with 8oz of water mixed with unsweetened cranberry juice every morning.