Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick Question

And get ready to laugh... but...

Does any one here have an ED MySpace account? I know, I know, who still uses MySpace? But that is kind of the point. MySpace is now like this "tucked away" secret that most of the world has forgotten about, so I know my husband won't find my account.

I used mine a lot years ago but stopped a while back. But I went on it the other day (thinking of getting back into it) and most of my friends on there haven't used their account in years. So I went to delete a few who haven't been on in a long time and MySpace deleted ALL of my friends. So I have been trying to re-add people but it's hard when no one really uses it. Having trouble finding people to keep in touch with.

I like to use it for portable use on my BlackBerry because as long as I don't leave it signed in, it is something my husband won't find if he uses my phone for anything.

Any one?


  1. I kinda like your idea. I sometimes use MySpace. I deleted all of my friends on it too. None of mine use it really. So if you want to you can send me a request. I need to change a few things but my url is if you want.

  2. Awesome! Thanks, I sent you a request :)