Monday, April 4, 2011

First impressions

To be honest, I never used to care for Nicole Richie. This was based almost entirely on the fact that she was so buddy-buddy with Paris Hilton and I can't stand Paris. But when looking up thinspo lately I started looking at Nicole Richie stuff because I do like her style, and after watching interviews it seems she may be more intelligent that I wrote her off to be. Anyway, between the song and pictures, this video has become my most recent thinspo favorite. I love YouTube for the thinspo vids. Any one else have video favorites or suggestions?

Also, found this the other day on OMG Facts about drinking ice water. I already knew the whole "what is a calorie" thing but this laid out the math:

"A calorie is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one gram of water by 1 degree C. What we commonly know as calories (energy stored in food) should actually be spelled with a capital C because they are technically one thousand of these lowercase-c calories! To clarify, when you eat a Big Mac from McDonald's you are consuming 580 Calories, which is actually 580,000 calories.

So, if you drink one 16-fluid-ounce glass of ice water (473.18 grams), your body must raise the temperature of the water from around 0 degrees C to the temperature of your body, which is about 37 degrees C. To do so, your body would have to burn 17,508 calories, or 17.5 Calories. This is relatively insignificant, but as you can see, each glass of cold water you drink actually does burn Calories!"

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  1. cheers for nicole. she's darling. i know drinking ice water will burn calories, but i'm fucking cold so i'm having coffee first. thanks for posting the video, i really like all the photos. she's so small. hmm. stay strong, darling.