Monday, May 2, 2011


So, Friday didn't screw me over. I kept losing until this morning but I should have expected it. I feel really bloated though so I am hoping that it is just bloat weight (that I am up a pound this morning).

But for the really great news!

I am employed!!!!

It's just a job in a cafe but I think I am really going to like it. I started yesterday and the girls I was working with were telling me that it is "like, the BEST job ever". The owner of the place is SUPER nice.

I do feel a little old because most of the girls I work with are in high school. They are young and cute and they make me feel old and gross, but I am going to use it to force myself to make myself better.

Plus, one of the girls is 21 so she's closer to my age and makes me feel less old.

I am so happy to have a job! I was feeling so useless lately because I didn't have one. And I really really REALLY wanted to buy a new dress before this weekend (this is California weekend) but I feel so guilty spending my money on stuff I don't technically "need". My husband is so frugal with our money that when I spend money I don't really NEED to spend I feel just awful. He doesn't really mind, but I have a tendency to hold myself to the standards of those around me and if he isn't wasting money I don't want to either.
Not that now that I have a job I plan on blowing money on useless crap. We are going to put most of what I make in savings and continue to just budget his income but if I spend a little extra here and there I'm not going to worry about it.

Anyway, trying to figure out what my eating plan will be for this week. I want to keep losing but I know I will end up eating things this weekend that aren't "diet friendly" and I don't want to feel all bloated and gross when that happens. That will totally ruin my weekend.

But for now, I leave you with my latest favorite thinspo vid (because I love the music. My husband and I pretty much listen to The Temper Trap whenever we drive to anywhere)

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