Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Here is some news for you

I have become so obsessed with my weight, I don't even have to step on the scale. Seriously.
And because I like to prove myself right to any one and every one, I have decided to demonstrate it to my husband. Each morning when I get up, I pee and then tell my husband how much I weigh before I step on the scale. Right down to the half pound (which is as accurate as my digital scale scale is). EVERY. Single. morning... I am dead on. Exactly right. There is no eager anticipation waiting for the number to show up. I can feel it. I can feel every pound I gain and lose and I know numerically what it is. My husband can't believe it. He doesn't know about my food issues, I hide them well. But he is amazed how morning after morning I know exactly what those four digits are going to be before I even step on. Gained four pounds of water weight? Guessed it. Lost three point five pounds yesterday because all I had was water? Right on. EVERY. Single. morning.

Five years of college and a hundred thousand dollars down the drain and I finally have a skill I can use.


  1. That's an awesome skill! I wish I could do that.

  2. Umm. . . so I have a comment to make. . . I remember in one of your previous posts you said that you promised never to lie to your husband about anything. It seems like you aren't technically lying, from what I read in your posts, but you are still deceiving him. You're making it seem to him as though you don't have food issues when in fact you do.

    I'm sorry if my comment offended you. I'm not trying to get into an arguement. I just wanted to speak my mind.

  3. That is amazing, I wish I had that skill! It's incredible.

  4. it is an impressive skill but i agree with nicole it does seem like a lie of omission..i'm having an issue with that as I've been lying to my guy about my ED lately