Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some things never change

Like how people whose lives aren't particularly awesome, tend to hate on those whose are.

I guess when I work weekdays I will be working with this one girl whom I met yesterday. When I first walked in, she was all smiles and happy. Super nice and accommodating. Then at one point she asked me "Is this your first job?"

I looked at her curiously.

What? No. I've had lots of jobs in the past.

"Oh. How old are you?"

In my twenties

"Oh! I thought you were like, 17!"

Oh snap! Thanks, she thinks I'm in high school! AWESOME! Yay for good skin care!

But I think her idea was to "take me under her wing" and have have me be impressed with he maturity and worldly understanding. Because she's 26, has three kids between the ages of 7 mos. and 7 years and doesn't have a boyfriend or husband or anything. She literally spent her entire shift complaining about EVERYTHING to the other girl who was working there. Do people not realize that complaining about everything in your life does not make you seem more grown up? It actually makes you look really childish.

Once she started finding out about my life, her smiles and welcoming faded and she got really bitter toward me. I was trying not to talk about myself because I could tell she hated how together my life is, but she was still snarky and trying to make me look bad. Even when I didn't screw anything up (I actually do this job pretty well for only having done it for two days) she was acting like I was.
I was scheduled til 2pm and at 1:58 she dropped what she was doing in the kitchen to come out and (I wish you could hear the sound in her voice) say "Um, you can go now".

Yikes! It's gonna SUUUUUCK working with her. It's going to take everything that's in me to not turn her bitterness against her. I need to just turn the other cheek.

I going to appreciate what I have and not feel sorry about it. I have worked hard to have the life that I have and I'm not about to feel bad about it. If she wants things to ever get better for her, she can change her attitude.


  1. uh-ohh. maybe her life will magically get better&she'll quit being whiny. kudos to you for being so mature about it. stay strong, little lady.

  2. Congrats on getting a job!!!