Monday, May 16, 2011


Sorry I have been so absent. Work has been taking up all of my time during the day, then at night I am Holly Housewife so I haven't been on here. Although many of the people who follow this blog have been deciding to go healthier lifestyles (which is cool and I fully encourage) so probably haven't had many readers on here anyway.

Anyway, things have been going a little better with that girl at work but only when the boss is around (which he usually is) so that's good. She's very insecure though and I think I made her stop eating lunch. She had previously compared her body to a very fat, butch woman who had come in to the cafe and asked her friend if she was as fat as her. Not wanting to upset her, her friend was all "No way, you are definitely not that big!" which was not true, she is much bigger than the girl who came in. It's her own damn fault though. We both open the cafe together in the morning and she walks in with a can of Mt. Dew and as soon as she finishes it, fills up a large cup with coke and drinks it down, and continues to refill it during the day.

She used to eat big wraps with a side of pita bread for lunch too. But I don't usually eat lunch there (I have twice to try to not look suspicious, although people tend to give me hard time about it anyway, and the fact that I don't drink soda. I swear, people need to stop feeling guilty and either lay off the junk or just leave me alone about it). But anyway, she recently has been leaving work without eating lunch. And her co-workers are all weirded out. They're like "What? Why aren't you eating lunch? You always eat lunch".

She just ignores them, and walks out of work all pissed off.

In other news...I feel like I am getting sick. My husband has been sick all week and I have been fighting it off. I have had a little bit of a scratchy throat and have been getting kind of mucus-y. Gross. But that makes it hard to do a low-carb diet because I always want to eat fruit and raw honey and stuff when I am getting sick because I HATE being sick. It's the worst.

Oh well. Off to start my day.

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  1. Hey welcome back! :D I hope you stay healthy :( being sick is the worst