Thursday, December 3, 2015

The social anxiety is setting in.

I canceled plans last night because I was too fat. Shit.

I ate the last piece of pumpkin pie leftover from Thanksgiving yesterday morning. So I decided to run it off. I ran three miles (so like, probably not enough because I have no idea how many calories were in the pie) and then did some yoga. I felt a little better considering it was morning and I had the rest of the day to make up for it. Well, instead of making up for it, I ate zucchini noodles with cashew cream sauce, cucumbers dipped in Bleu cheese dressing, egg nog, half of a Reese's Fast Break bar, and banana "nice cream". SO much sugar. By the end of the day, my stomach was feeling full and bloated and I actually felt slightly nauseous. I was supposed to help with the youth group at church, but I felt so awful I couldn't bring myself to leave the house, so I played up my stomach ache like it was worse than it was and stayed home on the couch, covered in a blanket.
It didn't help that I had stepped on the scale in the mid-morning only to see I was only at my pre-thanksgiving weight, and not any lower like I had hoped.

Fresh start today. So far I've just had my morning coffee and some cucumbers with vinegar. I painted my nails to kill a little time. I have errands I need to run but I'm waiting for stores to be open. It sucks sometimes to be an early riser. I get up between 5 and 5:30 every day so when I want to go out and do things, I always have to wait for things to open, so I try to read or exercise or do something that doesn't involve eating, but it can be hard.

Best of luck to all of you! Don't let this holiday season ruin your goals!

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