Monday, December 14, 2015

Unexpected loss and genius ways of getting out of eating sushi.

All right, so I lied (to myself, and to you).

I weighed myself this morning.

Yeah yeah, here's the justification: I know I ate too much yesterday. Too many carbs, too much sodium, everything that should bump up the scale. I figured then if I didn't have a loss (or worse, I had a gain) I could blame the party food.

Well fortunately, I was down a pound from whenever I last weighed myself (Friday? Saturday? I don't remember). Which is good news. The only problem I am going to have is if I see the same number this Friday. This should be a busy week though, so I shouldn't wind up with too many hang ups.

As far as the party: I managed to eat very little prior to the party. There was a going-away reception thing for a friend at church so I hung around and ate a few pieces of fruit, then when I got home from church I ate a handful of cherry tomatoes and about 1/4 of an avocado (that was leftover from Husband's sandwich), so I was already over what I had planned to eat prior to the party.

Once I got to the party, I initially got a bloody mary because the bar/brewery this party was at has great bloody marys that are on special on Sundays. I ordered it spicier than I prefer so it would take longer to drink.
When it came time for food I had a plate of it. I made sure to keep everything very separate on my plate, so it looked full without actually being totally full. This still ended up being the largest quantity of food I have consumed in quite some time and my stomach was killing me from all of the grease and sugar.

I did manage to stop at that plate though. I kept a beer in my hand so it appeared as though I was consuming, but did as much talking as I could so that I didn't have to drink it (even though it was a beer that my friend made, and it was delicious, so it was an added challenge to not drink it).

After the party: Somehow, Husband wanted to go out and get dinner. I was still full from the food in the afternoon! Luckily, he suggested sushi, and I'm pretty good as keeping things light at sushi. My go-to it the Naruto roll because it is just fish wrapped in cucumber (no rice, no other fillers) and it's about as low-cal as you're going to get. The best part, however, was that prior to sitting down, a friend of ours who we had invited, said she didn't like sushi because it reminds her of embalmed frogs. So here's what I did: while I had the sushi in my mouth, I thought hard about dissecting fogs and cats in undergrad (which is really unappetizing) and I literally started gagging, had to spit out my sushi, and told Husband that all I could think about was dissecting animals (thanks to our friend) and now my sushi was ruined. He laughed at me and said "That's fine, we can take the rest home for the dog".

So even though I definitely consumed more than I had hoped, it was also less than I had feared, and I'm patting myself on the back for getting out of finishing my already small quantity of sushi. Small wins.

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  1. Metabolism boost? Extra bulk to help move things through your digestive system? Either way, I wouldn't complain!

    I hate it when people talk about such topics at mealtimes... In inpatient, we used to sit around the table talking about The Human Centipede (if you haven't seen it, DON'T watch it, dear god).