Thursday, December 10, 2015

Grocery store observations

I went to the grocery store yesterday to get food for Husband. Most of the trips there are for him. I wish he would just go. But realistically, I'm still officially unemployed, so I have more time to go.

I got some more broth, lentil soup, and celery for myself. I then set about the store to pick up the things Husband likes: milk, eggs, meat.
While I was wandering through the store, I saw this very skinny woman. She was wearing athletic clothing - leggings and a form fitting top - and was basically all bones. I don't normally like to pass judgment on people being skinny (and just assume they don't eat) but I saw her staring a foods and manically picking things up, reading the labels, and putting them back down. I encountered her three times over the course of my shopping trip, twice in the aisles, once in the checkout line behind me. I watched her take her foods out of the cart and put them on the belt: Chicken broth. Pickles. Gum. Lots of gum. While waiting for me to finish checking out, she then frantically grabbed a bag of Doritos that were staring her in the face, and placed them on the belt. Then she turned around and started picking up candy bars and putting them down. She ended up picking up more gum, and putting that on the belt. I wanted to tell her to stop. That she'll hate herself for the Doritos (unless of course, those are a calculated "safe" food for her, which is entirely possible, but seems unlikely due to the look on her face) and that she should put them back. I wanted to hug her.

This is sort of a strange sense of compassion for me. Not that I think I'm entirely cold or particularly heartless toward people in general, but I spent so much time in my life around eating disorders (read: every one in my family) that I am usually very resentful of people with eating disorders. I tend to find them annoying (which is likely why I don't want any one to know about my issues, I literally brag about being "the only one in my family who can eat like a normal person".... I suck)

So, woman at the store in the yellow leggings, with the broth, pickles, and gum, if you're reading this, I hope you didn't eat the Doritos. I hope you stuck to your plan, or at least ate something that nourished you (like fruit, or vegetables). I hope you're okay.

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