Thursday, December 17, 2015

Being polite

Like many of you who expend effort to abstain from sustenance, I try to make the rations I do consume, nutritious and low Calorie. (That, or make a public show of visually shouting "hey every one, look at me, I am eating, and the food is "normal" like all of yours, and I am definitely not starving myself ever")

And as I have mentioned before, I have been spending a good amount of time with a Somali family I know. And as also mentioned, it is polite to share food and drink. This would not be so bad, had she offered me a glass of water and some of the carrots she had in her fridge. Unfortunately, after I watched her children for a couple of hours, I decided to stay and visit with her. (I can't imagine how lonely she must be, she has only been in the States about a month and still doesn't speak English)

As is customary, she sat a plate of food and drink out for me. The Food: White bread and mayonnaise sandwich. The Drink: Black tea (which wouldn't have been so bad, except for: ) LOADED with milk and sugar. Seriously, she puts about a cup of sugar in a quart of tea. 

Trying not to be rude, I ate the sandwich (because fat scares me less than sugar) and then tried to sip the tea. My stomach was lurching from the rush of sugar. And it tasted terrible. Fortunately, she began telling me stories about her time in Somalia and Ethiopia, and because of the language barrier, it took a lot of concentration and focus to figure out what she was saying, and I managed to only drink about a third of the cup of tea. 

It was still certainly more refined sugar than I am used to, which hit me about an hour after I got home. I crashed hard on the couch and woke up only when Husband came home from work nearly an hour later. 

Fortunately, he had to be somewhere at 6 pm and I had to be somewhere at 6:30 so didn't have time to have dinner together. Unfortunately, when I got home, he had been making rice, beans, sausage, and cheese, which I did give in to and had a few bites of. 

So yesterday wasn't great, but Husband is gone during the day, and I will be gone when he gets home until later in the evening, so today should go more smoothly. And let's hope it does, because tomorrow is my weigh-in for one month since I began restricting hard again. 

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