Sunday, December 13, 2015

Ganache and gauche

I'm waiting for Jameson Irish Whiskey Ganache to cool in my fridge so I can go to bed. It's 1 am. My stomach hurts because I haven't eaten since breakfast this morning (though I managed a lot of beer since this afternoon) and while making these Irish Car Bomb cupcakes for a party tomorrow I taste-tested enough of the process that all of the fat and sugar are making my stomach feel terrible. That was stupid.

On the plus side, Husband commented this morning, before we went for our run, that he thought I looked skinny (which he said as he touched my stomach). I told him no, it's probably just because I just got up and my body is all stretched out, so I look longer. I'm not thinner.

Primarily because I'm not. I haven't lost anything in the past week. I decided I'm not going to weigh myself until December 18, because that will be one month since I really started restricting again. Even though I don't expect to see much of a drop between now and then, I have lost something since November 18th and I can call the total loss the amount for the month. It ought to be enough to keep me going.

I spent a lot of time around people today. I'm awkward, to say the least. I'm pretty sure I hold eye contact too long, because people tend to look at me like "what?" or "um, okay, go ahead". Does that make any sense? I would much rather be alone all day.

Christmas party tomorrow (hence, the cupcakes). It should be easy enough to avoid food until the party (it's in the afternoon) but parties are tricky. It's rude to not overeat, so it requires a lot of strategy which I haven't quite figured out, but I know it's going to involve keeping a drink in my hand. Look guys! I'm consuming something!

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