Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Life is a cruel joke.

Yesterday was a true test of my will. And I would say I passed. Not with flying colors, but I passed.

I got through the day having eaten only a banana and an egg, and having run around with some children I was watching in the afternoon. So I got some exercise and ate very little. Then, in the evening, Husband came home from work with a surprise for me: A Giant Kit-Kat Bar. Holy shit. He knows I love kit-kats, so it was intended to be a generous gift. While I was disappointed that it was candy, I had done well all day so I let myself have a bite.

Then, husband went to check the mail. When he came back in, it was a package from my mother: Fudge, no-bake cookies, and chocolate chip cookies.

Now, the chocolate chip, I can do without. That is not a temptation for me. But home made fudge and no-bake cookies are two of my favorite treats.

I was laughing to myself at the predicament. Are you testing me, God?!

I decided with my mind on carbs, I would make spaghetti for dinner. I didn't measure everything out well so I accidentally prepared WAY too much spaghetti. This, however, ended up working out to my advantage because Husband saw how much spaghetti I had on my plate, and I was able to eat less than half of it and pack the rest of it for him to eat for lunch today, so I ended up consuming LESS than what I usually make without raising eyebrows, because he knew I had too much on my plate to begin with.

It is generally my goal to stay under 1,000 Calories (I know even 800 or 900 sounds like a lot to many of you, but when I start eating below 500 my metabolism crashes to the ground and I can't lose anything, and then I binge, and then I gain. Under 1,000 seems to be my magic number) and I had stayed well under that (not a single cookie or piece of fudge!) so I rewarded myself with a good beer, a long soak in our hot tub, a nice hot shower, a Christmas movie and an early bedtime.

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