Monday, December 7, 2015


A loss! And on a Monday, which is extra exciting. Usually Friday morning is when I see a loss because I have done well all week (and then fuck everything up over the weekend) but this weekend was busy so it was SUPER easy to not overeat. Saturday I had a latte (no added sugar or flavor or anything) in the morning, a beer with a friend in the afternoon, and then a beer, three chicken tacos and a few bites of rice and beans in the evening. Yesterday I had a latte in the morning, a small dish of rice, beans, and avocado with a fresh green juice (made of spinach, cilantro, spirulina, lemon, lime, apple, cucumber) in the afternoon, and in the evening a handful of chocolate covered pretzels and a few pieces of fruit. I also made sure to do yoga on Saturday and Sunday, and went for a run on Sunday. And I was rewarded! I'm finally below my pre-thanksgiving weight. 4 more pounds and my BMI will be back under 25. I can't believe I got so big. I'm on the right track though. I will rectify this.

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  1. Congrats! I know what you mean about those little weekly patterns that inevitably effect the scales. The foods you have been eating sound delicious though.