Monday, December 14, 2015

Graying out

Had my first gray out in a while. I don't mean this in the drunk sense of the word, but rather the restricting sense. 

After having all of the food I consumed yesterday, I certainly wasn't going to eat this morning, but I know I had a couple of drinks yesterday too, so I figured that even though I drank quite a bit of water before bed last night, I would drink more than usual this morning in case I had some lingering dehydration. I went to the mall to look for a  couple of sweaters because the few things I own that fit me are a good 5-6 years old and I really hate wearing because the styles are very outdated. I'm certainly nowhere near what one would consider fashionable, but I also don't want to dress like it's 2004 and I'm in high school. 

Anyway, after I had been at the mall for about an hour or so, I was crouching down briefly to look at a sweater on a bottom shelf. As I stood up, my head started to spin, my vision started to blur. Dammit. I hate when this happens in public. At home, I can just lie down, but in the middle of a busy shopping mall, not so much. 

Fortunately, it was brief. I took a couple of small steps and moved my head a little so that I wasn't staring off into space so much and no one would notice. It passed. 


  1. I'm glad it passed quickly. I also need new sweaters! I hate the ones I have, although living in San Diego I could probably go without ever buying new ones.

  2. Maybe blood sugars? I like to keep glucose tabs on hand in case of emergency (I know some people use candy, but I don't think I could control myself!)

    Are they dorky Christmas sweaters?! That's one thing that sucks about summer Christmases. Us Australians just wear tacky funny t-shirts :P


    1. Nope! I've got enough ugly Christmas sweaters to last me a while. Haha. And I'll have to keep the glucose tabs in mind.