Monday, February 29, 2016

Sunday, Sunday

All of last week went well up until yesterday. I managed to be anti-social enough to avoid major eating situations and kept my intake low. Unfortunately, yesterday Husband was insistent on having pizza for lunch. This is hard to get out of because we always order the same pizza (it's like, the fattiest thing you can order... alfredo sauce, extra cheese, the worst) and we always eat the whole thing. I felt extremely anxious about the whole thing, but I talked myself down by figuring that many people have one "cheat meal" (read, not whole day but one meal) per week and still do okay, and since I had stayed on track all week, I should've been okay, and eating pizza in front of him will help allay suspicions that are bound to arise now that I am back to restricting so well. I managed to eat one slice less than what I usually consume, (because I usually eat FOUR FUCKING PIECES OF PIZZA), which according to their website was 1,200 Calories. (read: more than what I should have consumed in my entire day).

I had already had a banana for breakfast, so I should not have eaten anything else. Then we went over to a friends house last night, and guess what they were having.... Yep! Pizza. Fortunately, this stuff was home made, smaller, and thin crust so it was not as bad as what I had for lunch, but we also drank beer.

I tallied all of yesterday to be about 3,300 Calories. That's more than three days worth in one day.

Worse yet, I also got zero exercise. I managed to walk/run 11 miles on Saturday which did have me at a good deficit going into yesterday, but I definitely didn't make up for 3,300 Calories. I was also woken in the night multiple times by sharp stomach pain, and this morning I feel heavy and disgusting.

My energy stores have been extremely low, which was most noticeable on Saturday during those 11 strenuous miles (the last three felt impossible) so I'm hoping that this pizza will fuel me to knock out another 10 miles today but we'll see. Tomorrow is March 1st which means stepping on the scale. I'm tempted to post my weight here. It's so embarrassingly high, and most of you know why I don't post it (because it always seems to go up when I do), but I also feel so hypocritical because I'm curious what other people weigh and appreciate when they post it. I need to stop being so superstitious and realize that my weight has to do with my actions and not random acts of blogging.


  1. To be honest 1,200 sounds light for half a cheesy alfredo pizza. My brother eats these horrible ham & cheese frozen pizzas that are like 3,000 each! Try not to be too hard on yourself. Tomorrow is a new day :)

    As for weight, I'm pretty sure the blogosphere is (somewhat surprisingly) probably the most accepting, non-judgmental place to share numbers. We get the struggle. I'm no where near as harsh on others as I am on myself, and I think the same goes for most bloggers.


  2. First of all: congrats on resisting the shamrock shake! I'm really impressed!
    Anyways, life is harder for you guys who live in the US. Seriously, here we get pizza. I get margherita with rocket on top. one pizza = 1200kcals. I'm also blessed because we get pizza at husband's parents place on Saturday night and one of his brothers splits one pizza with me :-) (I do kinda love the guy for this)
    Stay strong darling, there is no need to be embarassed or to post your weight if you don't want to. I only do it because it helps me.