Friday, February 26, 2016

Dodgin' bullets

Immediately after publishing that post last night, Husband came home from work with the devil in his hands: A shamrock shake. At first, all I saw was the one, and I noticed he had already consumed about two thirds of it. I had hoped his intention was to split it with me. But then I realized, he had another one for me cradled in his other arm. After my immediate shock wore off, (and not wanting to treat my kind Husband like shit) I faked some excitement that he had brought me home such a nice 660 Calorie treat.

There is food everywhere in life the United States, and the successful know how to avoid it.

After he handed it to me, I opened the lid to eat the cherry that had fallen off the top of the mountain of whipped cream piled on the surface of the drink. Whoops, spilled a little on the table.

So I went into the kitchen to get a towel to wipe up the mess. After cleaning up the spill, I put the lid back on the drink and stuck the straw in it. Then proceeded to suck the shake up to the top of the straw, while barely letting any of it actually exit the straw into my mouth, while telling Husband about my day. A few minutes into this charade, Husband remembered he had left something out in his car that he needed to go get.
Perfect. I had perched myself on the counter top next to the kitchen sink, so while Husband was out at his car, I managed to dump nearly half of the drink down the kitchen sink and get it rinsed down before he came back inside.

The sink dumping made a little bit of a mess, so I was still cleaning that off of the cup when Husband got back, but he knew I had spilled it earlier and didn't seem to think anything of me putting a paper towel around the drink. Having this around the drink made it even easier to conceal the fact that while we were sitting there, I was consuming none of it.

After wrapping up our conversation about our day, Husband went into the dining room to look up something on the computer. I waited a minute until I knew he was wrapped up in what he was doing (because he was practically in sight still, and probably earshot), and then carefully and quietly lifted up the drain plug in the sink, and dumped the rest out. I then put the straw back to my mouth and made some slurping noises with the residue in the bottom of the cup so it sounded like I was actually finishing it.

I then threw the cup in the trash, washed my hands so as to rinse the drink down the sink, thanked Husband for the shake and went upstairs to bed.
Bullet dodged.

I was "rewarded" with a hunger induced sleepless night, but whatever, because I am feeling accomplished and motivated to keep this up.

Tonight is going to be more difficult because we have twofold plans with friends tonight, both of which involve eating, so I'm going to have to be a little creative in how to get out of as much eating as possible, but my biggest defense is going to be to work out as much as I can today so I'm at least going into the evening with a decent deficit. March 1st is coming up and I want that number on the scale down.

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