Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rounding up

What did I eat? I keep recalling my calorie count for the day, and I swore when I was chewing up and spitting out that m&m cookie, I was over 700.

But then I go back. (All number rounded up)

Oatmeal - 200
Banana - 200
Cacao nibs - 100
Celery stick with bleu cheese dip - 100

Where is the other 100? Maybe I added 100 because even though I spit most of it out, I probably absorbed some calories inadvertently. 

That's how I count by the way. I don't have to write anything down, or have an app on my phone. I just round everything up to the next 100. Like, realistically that banana was closer to 100 than 200, but it was over 100 so I'm rounding up to 200. We make dumb rules for ourselves, you guys. 

I should have run today, but my body is so sore and I will have more time tomorrow, so I would rather rest a little and run extra far tomorrow when I have the time, than run today for a short bit and potentially not have it in me to go longer tomorrow. Plus, I've increased my distances lately and my energy reserves are a little low, but I have to go out for Thai food with some friends tonight so considering I've had at least 600 Calories today, I'm sure I'll be well over 1000 by the end of the night which should mean having energy to run far tomorrow. That was a long sentence. 


  1. Oh yum, love M&M cookies!

    I like your way of counting. Simple. I total running cals in my head rounding up to the nearest 50/100, but still keep accurate records as well. Whatever works best for you :)


  2. How far are you running these days lovely? and how fast are you, if you don't mind sharing? I've always looked up at you in awe as a runner!
    Husband and I are running a half marathon on March 6, and the plan is aiming at 2hours (there are pacemakers). I keep deluding myself and imagining that I could follow the 1h50m pacemakers, but I can barely run at that speed for 18km, so I think I'd better be a bit more humble and run with the hubby (it's his first half marathon by the way).
    I'm also kinda jealous you get to run with your dog, it brings back beautiful memories from many years ago :-)
    stay strong honey