Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Coffee and adderall

I decided to organize some messy cabinets in my house today, when I found some adderall in a jewelry box I had stashed away in grad school. I forgot all about it! I didn't use the stuff in school as much as most of my friends did because it doesn't really help me focus when it comes to stationary tasks, but it does motivate me to super clean my house! I'm glad I only took half of one though, because I had already had a lot of coffee and as soon as it kicked in, my heart rate flipped out for a few minutes. I'm hoping I'm not so wired tonight when I go to PiYo tho, because even going up and down the stairs too fast makes me a little light headed, I don't need to be passing out in front of a room full of people.

On the plus side, it has killed my insatiable appetite I've acquired from my recent increase in cardio.

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