Thursday, June 20, 2013

Views and Foods

So my viewership has shot up lately, which kind of worries me because I don't have any additional followers. I'm always paranoid some one will find this. Not that I have been terribly secretive about the content. Any one would know who it was if they found it.

My main reason for posting is to express my nervousness about what happens AFTER North Carolina. After NC I am spending a week in New England with my family. My mother already warned me "bring some larger clothes cause I'm making lots of food!"

Ugh. She loves to fatten people up. And whenever you turn down food she just gets mad. She goes right from cleaning up from breakfast to making lunch and then into making dinner. There's never a break. She then gets mad at every one because she doesn't have any "down time" to spend with us because she is so busy cooking and cleaning. Here's a thought... No one here is hungry. Stop force-feeding us!

It's going to take a lot of sneaking and arguing to get out of gaining weight. But I'm determined to do it. I WILL do it.

Starting now. Exercising as much as possible so as to keep my metabolism up because I KNOW I will be eating more when I am there than I do here. If I can at least stave off a gain, that will be accomplishment enough.


  1. If I were you I'd say to hell with it. She is just going to have to get mad. This is the age of diet and exercise. The 21st century. A lot of people aren't into stuffing themselves silly all the time just for the heck of it. She needs to understand that it's not how you show love by force feeding. Best of luck!! I'd be so stressed if I had to face that.

  2. Exactly.. I agree with what Miranda said.. If she is going to get mad regardless, then just do what you normally do..

    Didn't you say your family were all skinnies? Why is she forcefeeding you? :S

    Good luck!