Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Posting is going to be difficult for a little bit. My laptop has pretty much crapped the bed so I have been in the market for a new one. We have a desktop computer and I have a tablet so I really don't even NEED a laptop, but Husband bought me a Chromebook because he is often on the desktop computer while I am doing homework on mine. The problem with this, is it automatically keeps everything logged in under my actual Google account, which is not the same as the one I use to blog. I don't even know if I can log it out, nor do I want to because it syncs everything and that's not a risk I'm willing to take.

So I'll post as I can.

My weight has been pretty stagnant which I need to do something about. I don't think it has moved in over a month. I know if I cut back my intake a little and up my exercise a bit I can lose. But time has been my biggest issue. I've done some good restricting but, as long-time readers will know, I am incapable of losing weight without exercise. I have been running at least 15 miles a week for a while but not last week. I had a sinus infection and didn't run for 10 days. But I ran five today. Just so hard to find the time.

I was out of town this past weekend for a wedding which is always stressful because visiting old friends always means a lot of eating, but the trip actually ended up okay. We left Thursday and I had a fruit smoothie (Frozen fruit, OJ and unsweetened almond milk) and about a cup of trail mix so that wasn't too bad. Friday I didn't eat at all until dinner, which was sushi, but it was followed by beer. Saturday I had two eggs with cream cheese and asparagus. Didn't do too badly at the wedding (some chicken and veggies... successfully avoided the cake!) but SUNDAY sucked. I had half a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, two hot dogs with chips for lunch, a wrap at the airport on the way home and a venti iced latte on the drive home from the airport. Sucks.

This is why I am fat.

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