Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vacation post!

So, as it turns out, Husband loves this laptop he got me so he decided to bring it along on vacation. That means I can read blogs and post! I can't keep updated daily because people are generally everywhere so it's hard to be discrete, but I slept really late today and every one is already at the beach (except for one person who is taking a mid-morning nap so I don't have to worry about him) so I have a little alone time to blog!

I'm happy to report that up until last night, I have done VERY well avoiding food. It's surprisingly easy to do because there are quite a few people here in vacation and every one just kind of does their own thing. Plus, I tend to forget that no one in Husband's family has an eating disorder so no one is watching any one else's food intake like a hawk. It's great.

So travelling went as planned. I had some carrots on the way to the airport, nothing at the airport and then spent most of the ten hour ride from the airport to the beach sleeping so that rid me of any unnecessary snacking. I had a close run-in with some combos (those cheese pretzel things) and because at one point my father-in-law needed to sleep (they drive overnight) so Husband drove and it was my job to keep him awake. I sat down next to the combos and very soon after dug my hand in to eat a couple (I have a weakness for anything salty) and they were almost gone. So Husband and I polished them off but I only ended up eating 6 of them. Nothing I can't recover from.

First thing we did when we got down here was have breakfast. I had a biscuit and two eggs with cheese. Pretty fattening stuff but I am giving myself a little more leeway because I am so active down here.
So we hit the beach from there. I went for a walk, then swam for an hour in the ocean (lots of work!) then napped in the sun. Lunch time came around and people sporadically went back to the car to make sandwiches for lunch. I was getting hungry but it's easy to say no to food when you are currently on the beach in a bikini. So when they asked me if I wanted a sandwich, I politely declined. And praise the Lord! No one here has an ED so no one thought it suspicious when I said "no thanks, I'm not hungry".

I have also managed to run twice. My Sunday run was the best because I was able to run as far as I wanted and I burned a good 517 Calories. Yesterday my friend wanted to come with me and I felt bad saying no, even though she is not a very good runner so I knew I couldn't go as far with her, but it ended up working out okay because I made the mistake of having salad for lunch, which was not fully settled before my run and it made my stomach hurt something fierce. So we went about two and half miles and burned about two hundred-something Calories. Better than nothing.

Also, I am estimating using my run-keeper app. I just downloaded it and so far I love it! I think the Calorie count is more accurate than plugging the miles into Daily Mile. That thing WAY over-estimates. Run keeper takes into account elevation and changes in speed, etc. and it seems a lot more accurate.

So as I mentioned before, my eating was great until last night when I had been drinking a little. Then I got an upsetting text from my brother (I won't bore you with the details, every one is fine, my family is just VERY inconsiderate) and I was a little drunk and furious which totally sent me into a small binge. It was about a 600 Calorie binge. Normally, this would seem huge, but I have spent the past three days steadily restricting and constantly moving (running, swimming, playing frisbee, kayaking) so I know I had racked up a huge deficit so it hasn't set me back completely. I'm a little disappointed I don't have a scale here because I can feel my clothes are looser, which is an AWESOME feeling, but I will have to wait until July to see if I have lost. I am going to my parent's next week but my mom's scale SUCKS. It is literally older than I am, it's not digital and it reads about 15 pounds lighter than I actually am. My mother gets mad whenever she uses mine because she says "It lies and says she weighs too much" (Like, yeah, my newer digital scale is the one lying) but I have compared my scale to the ones at my school (like, professional/doctor grade with the slidey bar things) and my scale is pretty spot on. Sorry mom, you weigh more than you think you do.

I want to run right now, while my stomach is empty and I don't have to worry about it hurting later, but I didn't bring enough running shorts. I knew there was a washer a dryer here so I only brought two pairs of running shorts, but I haven't had enough clothes for a full load and no one else has put clothes out to be washed so I haven't been able to wash my sweaty running clothes to go for another run. I'll have to go do some serious swimming I guess.

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